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New Valve Instructions.

Step 1 - Rolling the IGOAL out of the bag

Step 1

Roll IGOAL out of bag onto level surface.

The crossbar will be straight and aid your enjoyment of your game on a level surface.

Step 2 - layout the igoal

Step 2

Make sure net is not caught on hose or connectors.

This is a portable goal, ALWAYS take the IGOAL where it is to be used.

Step 3 - Attach the valve to the igoal

Step 3

Using the pump provided (and only this pump) attach to valve which is situated at the side of IGOAL (rear of cantilever on larger sizes) making sure that the valve is turned fully anti-clockwise.

The pump provided will only allow the IGOAL to inflate to required pressure.

Step 4 - Ensure the igoal pump is stable

Step 4

Attach the other end of the pump hose to the INFLATE position on the pump handle. Put feet on the foot plates on either side of the pump for stability.

You do not need trainers or sports footwear for this - high heels work ok!

Step 5 - inflate the igoal

Step 5

Inflate for approx. 20-30 pumps (under normal circumstances) and screw the valve cap back on tight after inflation.

Long slow pumps are more effective than trying to go fast.

Step 6 - Pop the igoal into the upright position

Step 6

Pop IGOAL up into upright position. On larger sizes it may be necessary for 2 people to carry out stage 6.

Make sure pump is not still attached to valve when popping up IGOAL into position.

Step 7 - Ensure the igoal is secured at all times

Step 7

Ensure that the IGOAL is secured at all times by means of the appropriate supplied anchor system - details below.

On larger sizes the rear cantilever needs to be secured to stop IGOAL tipping forward.

Step 8 - Use ground pegs to secure the igoal

Step 8

If fixing on grass - please use the ground pegs provided - attach pegs provided at front and back of both side returns. On larger sizes with cantilever - place 2 pegs overlapped over each black cantilever.

If ground is hard or stony it may be better to use the sandbags.

Step 9 - Use bags to secure igoal on harder surfaces

Step 9

If fixing on other surfaces i.e. Astroturf,concrete or inside - please use bags provided which should be fully filled with soft sand to ensure even distribution of weight - place the sandbags over both side returns. On larger sizes also place one sandbag over each black cantilever as above.

Place sandbags with ties on outside of net.

Step 10 - Provide igoal with required pressure

Step 10

Once in position add more air using pump provided to pressure required.

If IGOAL is in position for long periods or in hot weather it may be necessary to check pressure periodically.

Step 11 - Clear the are of the igoal before deflation

Step 11

After use make sure the area is clear of all obstacles and people before deflation.

Step 12 - Deflate the igoal

Step 12

To deflate the IGOAL - push the valve in and twist fully clockwise - the IGOAL will fall to the ground.

Step 13 - remove all pegs from igoal

Step 13

Remove all pegs or sandbags after deflation.

The IGOAL will fall the way it needs to be packed.

Step 14 - put away igoal pump

Step 14

To aid packing, remove hose from pump and re-attach to the DEFLATE position on the pump handle, then re-attach the other end of the pump hose to the IGOAL with valve turned fully clockwise and pump several times to remove any residual air as above.

When all air has been removed from IGOAL you can't pump anymore - stop.

Step 15 - Roll the igoal into its bag

Step 15

Place IGOAL on the roll-out section of the bag with valve turned fully to the left and with the valve cap replaced.

Note point 13 - do not fold the IGOAL - arrange as the IGOAL falls to floor shuffling along roll-out section - this will help when next using the IGOAL.

Step 16 - place all the igoal into the bag

Step 16

Carefully roll the IGOAL back into bag, put pump on top of the roll-out section, close top zippers first, then side zippers after any protruding parts are back inside the bag.

Don't worry - you can push and shove the IGOAL!

Step 17 - Now the igoal is ready to be put away for use next time

Step 17

There is no ongoing maintenance subject to product not being misused or handled carelessly.

Following these instructions will greatly help your future enjoyment of your IGOAL.

This product is covered by a ONE YEAR GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects

Looking after your iGoal by following these simple instructions will help maintain the quality of the iGoal.




  • Never drag the inflated/deflated iGoal on hard ground as it will damage the goal.
  • Make sure you suck out residual air with pump before rolling back into the bag.
  • Do not expose to chemicals, such as thinner, gasoline and acetone.
  • Do not use the iGoal when it is frozen.
  • Do not leave the iGoal outdoors permanently.
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